White Papers

Food & Drink Industry

This white paper discusses the benefits of vibration monitoring in the food and drink industry.

Rail Industry

This case study provides an explanation as to how sensors play a central role in the development, construction and operation of trains and in systems for monitoring tracks, switches and bridges.

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Paper Industry

Our Paper application note explores the advantages of vibration sensors in a paper mill application.

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Cable Assemblies Vs Self-Assembly

This paper explores if it’s better to use ready made cable assemblies or assemble yourself cable assemblies, and the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Wind Turbines & Vibration Monitoring

This paper explains how predictive maintenance based on vibration monitoring can raise the efficiency of wind turbines.

Marine Monitoring

This paper explores the challenges facing engineers in marine and offers advice on how to successfully install and use vibration sensing equipment on marine vessels.

Cement White Paper

This paper explains how predictive maintenance helps to maximise the efficiency of machinery used in cement manufacturing, by reducing downtime to a minimum.

Cooling Towers

This paper discusses the monitoring options for cooling towers and provides best practice advice for mounting sensors on motors and gearboxes.

Atex Directives

This paper explains the latest ATEX directives and how these apply in different applications.

Acceleration Enveloping

This paper explains how to use envelope signal processing to pinpoint bearing failure at the earliest stage

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

This paper details how accurate data capture is essential as part of a predictive maintenance plan in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Wind Power

This paper explores the benefits of vibration monitoring on the use of wind power.

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