Food and Drink Processing

For monitoring mixers, centrifuges, ovens, fans and conveyors

Specifying a Vibration Sensor

The food and drink processing sector uses a broad range of equipment in its production processes including mixers, centrifuges, pumps, motors, air compressors, ovens, fans and conveyors. In each case, equipment has to be maintained in optimum condition, requiring a proactive approach to maintenance and condition monitoring.

Vibration monitoring plays a key role, helping maintenance and plant engineers with early identification of component wear in bearings, rotating shafts, conveyors and other line equipment.

At Hansford Sensors we manufacture a full range of vibration sensors to help your business meet the challenges of monitoring and maintaining a wide range of machines used in all types of food and drink production systems.

Factors to consider

Selecting the best accelerometer or vibration sensor for metals processing depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • Availability of the plant
  • Cost of breakdown
  • Criticality of the machine/impact on the production process
  • Access to machine, guarding, health and safety implications
  • Environmental factors

We can provide solutions for both online and offline monitoring, with all our industrial accelerometers being designed for use in the toughest environments, including hazardous areas.

Typical solutions for Food and Drink Processing

Monitoring Machine Systems

For many applications our standard 100mV/g AC sensors (HS-100 Series) or 4-20mA accelerometers or vibration transmitters set at 25mm/sec (HS-420 Series) will provide the correct parameters for monitoring machine systems. Typically, our 100mV/g AC sensors will be used on-line in conjunction with a monitoring system for main bearings, as an indication of the health of machinery, to give continuous protection and provide data for full frequency analysis.

For off-line use

Accelerometers can also be used off-line, with signals being hard wired to switch or connection boxes in safe areas where data readings can be taken at intervals using a portable data collector.

Monitoring over a period of time

For equipment where changes in vibration can safely be monitored over a period of time, for example misalignment, our 4-20mA vibration transmitters provide a cost-effective solution. These can easily be interfaced with PLC, SCADA and BMS systems, or similar 4-20mA input modules.

Low Speed Applications

For low speed applications, for example conveyors in bottling plants or canning factories, our HS-100 AC sensors with a higher sensitivity (500mV/g) or HS-100F low frequency offer an ideal choice.

Discussing the benefits of vibration monitoring in the food and drink industry.

A white paper from Hansford Sensors.

Global Customer Service & Support

We have a global network of sales partners, backed by the resources of our central product design, manufacturing and customer centre in the UK. Our sales partners include vibration analysts, consultants and system builders and integrators. Each is fully trained, experienced in meeting the challenges of vibration monitoring in a wide range of industrial applications and capable of providing dedicated local technical, engineering and customer service, wherever you are in the world.

For fast, friendly advice, and to learn more about our products, please contact our sales team.