Hansford Sensors is a global market leader in vibration monitoring

Led by Managing Director Chris Hansford, who has over 35 years’ experience of vibration and condition monitoring, Hansford Sensors offers a wealth of experience as vibration monitoring equipment manufacturers.  We also design industrial vibration sensors and systems for applications throughout industries including: metals, pharmaceuticals, wind power, marine, paper, mining and quarrying and food and beverage.

Hansford Sensors is a global market leader in design and manufacture of vibration monitoring systems; supplying over 50 countries worldwide.  

Our solutions provide vibration diagnostics that support predictive and preventative maintenance on key equipment such as fans, pumps, motors, and gearboxes.

Our products include 4-20mA transmitters, or loop powered sensors, industrial accelerometers, AC and AC/Velocity accelerometers, plus intrinsically safe accelerometers approved for use in Group I (Mining) and Group II (Petrochemical). 

We also supply multi-sensor switch boxes, vibration sensor modules, portable vibration meters, accessories for sensors, vibration condition monitoring protection systems, and custom built vibration sensors.

Operating in the US, UK and worldwide, we’re a truly global vibration monitoring equipment manufacturer with an ever expanding, international client base. 

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What’s special about Hansford Sensors?

In a word, service. Our customers return time and again not just because we offer exceptional product quality, but because we give them the long-term service they need. We make life easier for our customers in many ways, offering not only a fast service but a high standard of technical knowledge and support with all orders and enquiries.

Our customers value our flexible approach to manufacturing, with both standard and custom engineered solutions, and our willingness to provide a range of value-added services; for example, we can adapt our existing product lines to meet client specifications, brand products with individual company logos and part numbers, and meet specific packaging requirements.

This is why we are the global market leader in vibration monitoring.

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